Musical Weaponry – recording drums at Vault Studio Montreal

Really and truly a magical blessing to happen to walk into a corner store in my old neighborhood that i used to like and hear a voice with a Jamaican accent ask if i was a musician. The bredda is Robert Bowen, a reggae singer and drummer from Jamaica working with his band in Montreal. We start talking current projects and get to talking recording. i’ve been quietly working on tracks over the year and creating demos to later put together live in studio. This is truly amazing to come upon this studio in Montreal with the Dub Scientis working with the peavey mix table gifted to the Scientis by Lee Scratch Perry himself.  We ran the drums through that soundboard and got lifted through time to 1970’s jamaica. The whole place was like a dream. Not to mention the cloudscapes. You’ll see in the video I’m tryin to coach drummy on the machine gun fills i’m looking for. His one drop is solid despite my wobbly rough take vocals for structure. Haha ! Awesome work Drummy ! He’s a real artist who knows his music in full form. A real honor and pleasure to work with. Ya SoulJah ! :))

Dub Scientis and I jammin out listening to the last drum take. Music can break down barriers. Incidentally the track is called Cut the Red Tape which di Scientis named Cut Di Red Tape on the name of the folder, about the excruciating lockout away from my beloved wife and daughter this whole year waiting for a visa to get back through those invisible political lines that separate us so brutally. Homeland security is sealed so tight my songprayers come to rumble the earth beneath the vault with bass and drum and heartbeat and ask to be let through so i can grow a garden with my family.

(video to come – i gotta cut it cause it’s too big)



Little intro and shout out video for Vault Studio events Vault Sundayz Recap ! Happenin every Sunday night till dawn. Large Up di Dub Scientis ! Large Up Vault Studios Family ! Respect seeen !

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